Fix my PC

Windows not responding? Can't get online? Emails refusing to send? Give us a call to ease the frustration of PC problems.  


WiFi & Networking


If you are having trouble with the internet connection around your home, there are several ways to get an internet signal to reach every room.

Pc Homecall can also setup your smart devices such as TVs, voice control, smart lighting, tablets etc. 



PC Slowing You Down?


If your computer is running slowly there are many things that could be causing it - often it's when there are too many programs running at the same time. It could need upgrading, or often just a service will restore it's former glory.



How Safe Are You When Online?


Not having adequate security when you are on the internet, is like not locking the doors when you leave the house. It is paramount to secure your PC in the best way possible to avoid identity theft and credit card fraud.  Security software which checks for Spyware, Viruses, ransomware and all sorts of digital nastyness is essential these days.